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AEM - Slack/Ms teams integration and to jira

If you are using AEM and MS Teams / Slack then our integration makes a perfect fit.  You get notifications on your specific channels for specific events. Also you can configure to open direct Jira tickets on specific run time exceptions from your AEM instance.

Some common use cases you can customize in our tool to get notification a Slack/MS Teams channel. These are just use cases but our integration allows to fully customize these notifications

Sample Business Notifications :

  • When a page is published

  • When a page is published in /china, notify #china-marketing channel

  • When a page is modified in /corporate folder

  • When a  page is modified by "admin" (That ghost id that should not have been used to modify pages)

  • When a new image is uploaded into /dam/corporate folder

  • When someone uploads an image more than 1 GB 


Technical Notifications :

  • During bundle deploy, if a dependency is not resolved

  • Any exception happens on logs (You can configure different channels for QA and production exceptions)

  • 404 "Page Not Found" error

  • Missing images in a page

When any of the above technical notification event occurs, apart from posting in Slack/MS Teams, our tool also allows to open Jira ticket directly.

Below are steps of how to configure the notifications and the actual notifications.

We have introduced a new cloud configuration and it can be accessed by navigating from Tools --> Cloud Services --> Slack / Microsoft Teams Configuration as below:








Below is the screenshot of Slack Admin console we built for configuring Slack notifications.























And the notifications for any exception can be configured via Technical Notifications tab as below:









The similar configuration can be made for another collaboration tool - "Microsoft Teams". 


We have leveraged AEM's Workflow models and launchers to send the notifications to Slack/Microsoft Teams etc. collaboration tools and the process arguments are configured in below format: 















Arguments format:  <<Channel-name>>||<<Message format with "pageURL" and "jcr:content" page properties.>>


1. {{pageURL}} --> Will be dynamically populated with the content page path on which modification/replication is done. 

2. {{jcr:content/<property-name>}} --> Property names like jcr:title, cq:lastReplicated or cq:lastReplicatedBy can be placed in the message format and we can configure multiple properties in the message as in above screenshot. 

Launchers have to be configured for each Slack channel like country based notifications as below:


Once launchers are configured, workflow will be triggered and message format are read through process arguments. The notification process read values and prepares message and posts the message to corresponding channels in Slack or Microsoft Teams tools. 

Slack message looks like - 


Message on MS Teams looks like -







Contact us for a personalized demo.

Our framework can be customized to receive any simple to complex notifications. If there are any customization you are looking for, we are happy to work with you.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 9.27.35 AM.png
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